hiyashichuka (seasonal)


rice burger


almond croissant

green tea cake






- panini (served with chips)-

panini - ham and cheese:


panini - turkey and cheese:



grilled cheese sandwich:


egg salad sandwich:



mega turkey or ham panini / with egg salad added:


(add avacado:


-brown rice-

2 brown rice balls (onigiri) (choice of salmon, konbu seaweed or umeboshi):


fresh tuna and avacado roll:


fresh tuna roll:


california roll (brown rice):


miso soup





green salad (tomato, boiled egg, avocado):


green salad with chicken (tomato, boiled egg, avocado):


(add chicken: 





vegitarian  rice burger(rice "buns" with burdock and avocado,spinach,tomato):


brown rice burger (rice "buns" with teriyaki chicken & cheese):


- sweets -

almond croissant:


whole wheat oatmeal cookies:


matcha cake (green tea cake):


coffee jello:


japanese cheese cake:



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